Clearing Your Space Meditation

Clearing my space is the first thing I go to when I am feeling cloudy, when I can't seem to hear my inner voice and I'm feeling overwhelmed. 

Let's get real, these little people we birthed, they have some BIG emotions and they can really stick around, not only stick around our own energy which needs to be cleansed but in our space. Without keeping on top of the energetics it can start to feel heavy and exhausting. This space clearing meditation is a quick and effective way to cleanse your spaces. You can do it while laying down in bed at the end of the day, or you can do it on the go. Mindset is key here. Sending love! 

This beautiful meditation comes straight out of my Spiritual Foundations course. This course goes deep into the foundations of spirituality to help create more ease and flow, preparing you to work at unlocking, expanding and growing your intuition/psychic gifts safely.

If you would like to go deeper to unlock your intuition, then feel free to reach out and we can chat and see if there is anything I can do to help you :) 

Much love