Hey There

If your here right now, it means you're ready to start living the life of your dreams!

You can work with me in 2 different ways- 

If you are wanting to expand and grow your OWN psychic skills - I can help you tap into those gifts- head on over to the course tab to find out more about "Unlocking Your Intuition".

Or you can work with me 1 on 1 where I will lend you my intuition to help guide you towards your best life!

Lets say goodbye to misalignment, no more fighting against resistance. Embracing flow and ease in life. This is what I do! I work as your accountability buddy. With my connection to spirit, I check in to your alignment, your energy levels and your potential- to make sure you are following your heart and if you're not, I'll do my very best to help pivot you back towards your best life.


Working With Me.

 1on1 Empowerment Reading

I am a professional Clairvoyant Psychic who is determined to empower her clients.

When working with me in a 1 on 1 setting - I will be working as your intuition. I will be tuning into the alignment or misalignment in your life, where we will talk through whats going on.

You will be hit with hard realities if you aren't following your soul's voice. But I will not tell you what to do, or what your future holds (Unless spirit specifically leads me to this.) because I want to empower you to take ahold of your own life and create the life of your dreams and you are the only person who can do that- The business of your dreams, the career of your dreams, the relationships of your dreams (you get the picture!). 

It's easy in life to fall out of alignment, I see it all the time and I feel it myself in my own life. If we go walking one straight road, we are bound to come up against brick walls, but when you can really breath into your soul's voice and surrender to the calls, you can follow your heart in the directions which create joy in your life- I will help you build a stronger connection to your soul as I step in as that connection within our readings together. 

I am not the psychic who is going to forecast your year ahead, because I believe you will create your own year, but I will help guide you towards your highest potential at all times, I can promise you that. 

 1on1 Business Energetics.

Within this session we will work specifically on your business or business ideas. 

I am a business lover. I have built and run many different businesses. When I incorporate my knowledge and understanding of business, along with my values of creating empowerment swirling around with spiritual connection, magic happens. 

In this session I will be feeling into each part of your business, looking for alignment and misalignment. Making sure you are in flow with your business. I will be looking into potential, making sure you are on your highest path and that it is always aligning with your values in life. 

I do not believe in working harder, I believe in creating what works for you and the life you want to create. Because you are doing that, you are creating the life of your dreams, so getting clear on what that looks like, will help you keep in flow with your heart during the whole process.

Your business is its own energy, you can speak to it and when you can work with it, it becomes and beautiful dance. I look forward to working with you and your wonderful business.



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